SDL3 Tutorials

Here you can find a collection of SDL3 tutorials ranging from beginning to expert level. SDL is nice, because it’s multiplatforms, and it can use DirectX or OpenGL, I mainly use it on Windows and Mac, but you also have an installation tutorial on linux. I tried to focus on original content you usually don’t found elsewhere. Most of my tutorial are code heavy, I tried to used an example to have something working at the end of the tutorial.

These tutorials use the version 3 of SDL not the second version which will be depreciated in the futur I think.

I will try to explain the new things in SDL3 compared to SDL2, what possible and what not.

Keep in mind SDL3 is still in development so the version you will be using is still not stable, my next game project still use SDL2 for the moment

Basics SDL3 tutorials

The tutorials here show the basics modules of SDL, to make a full game you will probably need to go implements the systems described in the advanced tutorials.

Start with them it’s easier to understand the basic concept on some simple example 😉