SDL2 Tutorials

Here you can find a collection of SDL2 tutorials ranging from beginning to expert level. SDL is nice, because it’s multiplatforms, and it can use DirectX or OpenGL, I mainly use it on Windows and Mac, but you also have an installation tutorial on linux. I tried to focus on original content you usually don’t found elsewhere. Most of my tutorial are code heavy, I tried to used an example to have something working at the end of the tutorial.

For my part, I have used SDL to make a simple engine for my first commercial game Hope :

Hope game logo for SDL2 Tutorials

These tutorials use the version 2 of SDL not the first version which is only used in legacy code.
For the game editor I have used SFML which is simpler to set up than SDL2.

Basics SDL2 tutorials

The tutorials here show the basics modules of SDL, to make a full game you will probably need to go implements the systems described in the advanced tutorials.

Start with them it’s easier to understand the basic concept on some simple example 😉

Advanced SDL2 tutorials

Here are some more advanced tutorials on some useful things used in 2D and 3D games. Most of them are about the rendering system because I Iike things to look pretty 🙂

You can find more SDL tutorials on the official wiki. Most of them are articles, but you can also find some videos.