Create 2D lights with Unity

In this tutorial, the goal is to create 2d lights with Unity but also a map with a tile palette and a tilemap. The lights can be colored and they can be added to each other.

Create the map with tilemap

2D URP project

The first thing to do is to create a project with the Universal Render Pipeline :

2d project with URP

Import 2d tileset

Next you can download some tileset to create a test map : pixel art top down
After you have downloaded the textures you need to import the texture into Unity :

Texture property multiple sprites

You can use the Sprite Editor to slice the tiles, you will need to specify the size of the tiles 32×32 :

Sprite editor with Grid splitting

After the splitting is complete you can create a tile palette like this :

Create a tile palette

Open the tile palette editor like this :

Sprite palette editor

After the tile palette editor is open you can drag and drop the previous texture on the palette to create multiple tiles.

Create the tilemap on the scene

To create the tilemap click on the scene hierarchy and select tilemap :

Create tilemap

After the tilemap is created you can paint with the tile palette open on the tilemap like this :

Paint the map

As you see on the screen I create 2 tilemap one for the ground and one for the tree, if you want to do the same you need to modify the tilemap renderer for the tilemap on top : order in Layer is set to 1.

Tilemap Renderer

2d unity lights

Now it’s time to create some lights, creating lights is really simple you need to pick one type of light first :

Choose type of 2d light

You can play around with lights to see which one you prefer.

Full source code of 2d lights with unity