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SDL2 (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) are C/C++ multimedia libraries managing video, audio, input devices, threads, and network. I have used these libraries to make the point-and-click game Hope, with OpenAL for the sound. At first, I have started using SFML for the game but later I switched to SDL to be able to use SDL_gpu for sprite batching and also texture compression. I am still using SFML for the tools such as the collisions editor and the animation editor, sprite-sheets editor. If you don't know which one to pick maybe this article will help you : SDL2 vs SFML.

For my next game, I am using Unity because the scope of the game is bigger and it's more an adventure game with battle, so the point and click system I have made is not applicable. I could be using Godot but unfortunately, I prefer C# instead of GDScript and Godot V3 is still new.

Sometimes I am also making small prototypes, for example, a tower defense game for android, in this case, I am using the library libGDX.

SFML icon SFML Tutorials

Configure SFML

First program

Textures, Sprites and Shapes

How to make a bullet hell game

Sprite Sheet Generator

Creating a Hitbox Editor

Shader Example

Importing Tiled Maps

SDL2 icon SDL2 Tutorials

Installation with Visual Studio

Static build with Visual Studio

Display an image with SDL_image

Displaying unicode text with SDL_ttf

Catch events

Sprite animations

Playing music and sound with ALmixer

Creating a 2D light

Creating a particle system

Loading screen

DXT Texture Compression

Use a GLSL shader

Playing a theora video

libGDX icon libGDX Tutorials

Creating a 2D Game

Unity icon Unity Tutorials

Sprite Sheet

Other tutorials

How to find the version of OpenGL supported on my computer?


libGDX vs Godot

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