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Hope Walkthrough

Before proceeding with the solution if you simply want a hint you can see it in the Escape menu -> Settings -> Hints

1. The Cell (blurry)

You can explore a little bit but you have to click on the bed to continue.

2. The Cell

You will need to click on the windows to discover a part of the story.
After that, you go to the sink you can get the toothpaste and the toothbrush and combine them to brush your teeth after the tap is open.
You remember a second part of the story where you have to give get a glass from the woman and fill it with water to give it to the girl.

Item to get in the cell: Book (on the table), Piece of paper (inside the book), Bulb (kill the spider with the book when the light is on), Chewing-gum (under the desk), Toothbrush, Toothpaste.

3. The Prison

At the shower you can get a block of soap, to open the door with the fingerprint lock you need to use the chewing-gum imprinted with the soap on the lock.
Inside the room, you find a taser and a stone. You can use the taser to unlock the big rusty door.
After that you need to close the door to the cell, turn on the shower the water starts rising, go to the room where you pick the taser and close the door, wait for the water to rise and break the door.

The big rusty gate is now opened! You can continue exploring, try switching on every switch at the circuit breaker.

After switching on the circuit breaker you can go on the right at the desk and put the bulb inside the lamp. Switching on the lamp allows you to pick the car keys and open the drawer.
Inside the drawer, you will find a card with a code on it.

Go back and pick the wire on the wall in front of the rusty gate (the other side of the gate).
On the right side, you will find the last door before going outside, the code of the door is the code on the card.

Item to get in the prison: taser, stone, soap, car's key, card, wire

4. Outside the prison

Outside the prison pick up the wrench on the right you will see a door with a code. Try the same code before but replace the last digit with the digit on top of the lock.
Inside the room, you will need to make a lamp to see something and pick up the gasoline can. To make the lamp you have to combine bulb + wire + taser (in this order).
After using the lamp pick up the gas can and the needle on the floor of the room with the taps.

You can fill up the gasoline can with some oil with the second tap, then you can use the oil and the wrench on the first valve (outside the room) to open the first valve.
You have to go to the shower to empty the can, and then fill up the can with gasoline (the first tap).
You can fill up the car tank with gasoline, the first part of the puzzle is done!

The second part consists of opening the outside gate, To do that you should open the small box with a switch with the wrench.
Inside the box, you will see two small wire with rust on them. Try cleaning them with the needle and after cleaning put the needle on it to close the circuit.
Then put the bulb (you need to break up the lamp) on the lamp socket. You need to put the lid to protect the circuit from the rain.

Then you can go back to the circuit breaker and switch on the last switch. Then go back to the gate and the triggering the switch should open the gate!

5. The City (first version)

In the city, you start to have more options here is one efficient order to do the game's puzzles. Supermarket
At the supermarket to enter the building you need to break the glasses with the wrench. If you go right you will find pieces of metal and a battery. If you go left you will find a card reader and a screwdriver.

After seeing the paper in the book, you find the same name on the gravestones. At the door of the mausoleum, you find a USB key.
Police Station To enter the police station you need to break the glass with the wrench and put the green card in the card reader.
On the first computer, you will find a file. I the other room one computer is on you can plug the USB stick on the left and plug in the card reader on the right.
Click on the card reader and you tear up a small piece of your book to create a fake card (chewing-gum + metal pieces + part of the book).
After the fake card is created go back picking up the real smart card and put the fake card in instead.
After the real smart card is in the card reader, click on the screen to copy the data from the USB key to the smart card.
You can go back to the door of the mausoleum with the smart card to open it.

Inside the mausoleum you find pieces of hardware to make a bird. The first thing to assemble is the processor with the motherboard but the processor is dirty.
To clean the processor you will need to have the items (smart card, chewing-gum, a soap, a file).
Go back to the police station to pick up the fake card and disassemble it to have the chewing-gum.
Go back to the sink in the prison and put the chewing-gum and the smart card and turn on the water.
< The sink should be filled with water. After that, you need the file to make powder soap, put the soap powder in the water.

You can now clean the processor!

Once the processor is cleaned, you can assemble the SSD to the motherboard, then wire + battery to the motherboard, the bird's head then the wings.

The bird flies onto a tree!

7. The City (after the bird)

You will need to speak to the bird and select all the dialogs, after that the bird needs more information about the persons.
For that go to the police station and on the computer type the command: find "Alec" "Smalling" and press enter.
Then type the command find "Burl" "Arel" and press enter.

You can go back to the bird and give him the paper with all the names.
After that, you will have access to a laboratory.
For the laboratory you will need to fill the gasoline can with gasoline and put it in front of the door.
The next thing to to is fill the generator in the graveyard with gasoline and connect the wire and the taser's battery.

Once the battery is fully charged you can get the battery and the wire back.
Combine them and put it in front of the lab. After that you should be able to make a fire by using the taser. After the door is burnt, you should be able to break it with the wrench.
Inside the lab you can find some gloves put them on your hand and inspect the gun to find a hair.

You can put the hair into the thermocycler, put the USB stick in and find a protocol on the computer.
After the hair 's DNA is sampled you can also sample the toothbrush's DNA.

Go back to the police station to find two files with the command ls. And the type the commands :

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