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What Glusoft is about?

I am an independent game developper, so I dedicate most of my time making games.
So when I encounter a problem and spend a lot of time trying to fix it.
I try to make a tutorial about it, maybe it will help somebody.

My first game use SDL2 and a custom engine that’s why there are a lot of SDL2 tutorials.
My next game use Unity because I did not want to reinvent the wheel twice :). The number of Unity tutorial is low because there are already so much tutorials on Unity on YouTube.
If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me.


10.03.2024 : New design + change cms to improve performance
05.11.2023 : New tutorial Make an animation with Sprited
24.09.2023 : New tutorial Play an Ink story in Godot
14.08.2023 : New tutorial Playing a video in Unity
13.08.2023 : New tutorial Use SQLite in Unity
13.08.2023 : New tutorial How to use a tilemap in Unity?
12.08.2023 : New tutorial Create 2d light with Unity
12.08.2023 : New tutorial Unity toon shader with outline
11.08.2023 : Migration to wordpress
04.08.2023 : New tutorial Install SDL on linux
31.05.2023 : New tutorial Random terrain and perlin noise
29.05.2023 : New tutorial Make a health bar
20.03.2020 : New tutorials Configure and First program
19.03.2020 : Try to use Disqus
06.03.2020 : Try to use Google Adsense
19.05.2019 : New tutorial How to use a GLSL shader with SDL?
17.05.2019 : Updated tutorial How to find the version of OpenGL supported on my computer?
16.05.2019 : New tutorial DXT Texture Compression with SDL
14.05.2019 : New theme light/dark and a search function !
22.10.2016 : New app BatchGUI
09.10.2016 : New tutorial Playing a theora video with SDL
16.04.2016 : New tutorial Loading screen SDL2
23.02.2016 : New tutorial Shader with SFML
30.01.2016 : Take Ten is available on Kongregate!
29.01.2016 : Take Ten is available on Game Jolt!
14.12.2015 : Cell growth is available on Game Jolt!
04.12.2015 : Hope (prototype) is available on Game Jolt!
25.11.2015 : New tutorial Compile liquidfun for VS2015
18.11.2015 : New tutorial Creating a bullet hell game
13.11.2015 : New tutorial How to check OpenGL version
26.10.2015 : Benchmark SDL/SFML added Benchmark SDL2 / SFML2
23.10.2015 : New tutorial Creating a hitbox Editor
18.10.2015 : New tutorial Sprite Sheet Generator
22.07.2015 : The dev blog for the game Hope is created.
02.04.2014 : I have published the prototype Mind.