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What Glusoft is about?

I am an independent game developper, so I dedicate most of my time making games.

So when I encounter a problem and spend a lot of time trying to fix it.
I try to make a tutorial about it, maybe it will help somebody.

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.


31.05.2023 : New tutorial Random terrain and perlin noise
29.05.2023 : New tutorial Make a health bar
20.03.2020 : New tutorials Configure and First program
19.03.2020 : Try to use Disqus
06.03.2020 : Try to use Google Adsense
19.05.2019 : New tutorial How to use a GLSL shader with SDL?
17.05.2019 : Updated tutorial How to find the version of OpenGL supported on my computer?
16.05.2019 : New tutorial DXT Texture Compression
14.05.2019 : New theme light/dark and a search function !
22.10.2016 : New app BatchGUI
09.10.2016 : New tutorial Playing a theora video
16.04.2016 : New tutorial Loading screen SDL2
23.02.2016 : New tutorial SFML Shader Example
30.01.2016 : Take Ten is available on Kongregate!
29.01.2016 : Take Ten is available on Game Jolt!
14.12.2015 : Cell growth is available on Game Jolt!
04.12.2015 : Hope (prototype) is available on Game Jolt!
25.11.2015 : New tutorial Compile liquidfun for VS2015
18.11.2015 : New tutorial Creating a bullet hell game
13.11.2015 : New tutorial How to check OpenGL version
26.10.2015 : Benchmark SDL/SFML added Benchmark SDL2 / SFML2
23.10.2015 : New tutorial Creating a hitbox Editor
18.10.2015 : New tutorial Sprite Sheet Generator
22.07.2015 : The dev blog for the game Hope is created.
02.04.2014 : I have published the prototype Mind.

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