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How to check OpenGL version

There are many ways to get the OpenGL version installed on the computer.
You can get the OpenGl version by creating an OpenGl context and call: glGetString(GL_VERSION) as described in the openGL wiki

But there are faster ways to have the version: use an utility tool
My favourite openGL viewer is glewinfo you can find it when you have downloaded (or compiled the library GLEW). After executing the program, you find a text file glewinfo.txt with every openGL versions supported and extensions.

If you have windows XP and the OS tell you "This is not a valid win32 application" you need to get an older version of glew.

    GLEW Extension Info

GLEW version 1.13.0
Reporting capabilities of pixelformat 3
Running on a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 from Intel
OpenGL version 4.2.0 - Build is supported

GL_VERSION_1_1:                                                OK 

GL_VERSION_1_2:                                                OK 
  glCopyTexSubImage3D:                                         OK
  glDrawRangeElements:                                         OK
  glTexImage3D:                                                OK
  glTexSubImage3D:                                             OK

GL_VERSION_1_2_1:                                              OK 

GL_VERSION_1_3:                                                OK 
  glActiveTexture:                                             OK
  glClientActiveTexture:                                       OK
  glCompressedTexImage1D:                                      OK
  glCompressedTexImage2D:                                      OK
  glCompressedTexImage3D:                                      OK
  glCompressedTexSubImage1D:                                   OK
  glCompressedTexSubImage2D:                                   OK
  glCompressedTexSubImage3D:                                   OK
  glGetCompressedTexImage:                                     OK
  glLoadTransposeMatrixd:                                      OK
  glLoadTransposeMatrixf:                                      OK
  glMultTransposeMatrixd:                                      OK
  glMultTransposeMatrixf:                                      OK
  glMultiTexCoord1d:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord1dv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord1f:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord1fv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord1i:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord1iv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord1s:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord1sv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord2d:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord2dv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord2f:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord2fv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord2i:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord2iv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord2s:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord2sv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord3d:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord3dv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord3f:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord3fv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord3i:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord3iv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord3s:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord3sv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord4d:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord4dv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord4f:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord4fv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord4i:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord4iv:                                          OK
  glMultiTexCoord4s:                                           OK
  glMultiTexCoord4sv:                                          OK
  glSampleCoverage:                                            OK

GL_VERSION_1_4:                                                OK 
  glBlendColor:                                                OK
  glBlendEquation:                                             OK
  glBlendFuncSeparate:                                         OK
  glFogCoordPointer:                                           OK
  glFogCoordd:                                                 OK
  glFogCoorddv:                                                OK
  glFogCoordf:                                                 OK
  glFogCoordfv:                                                OK
  glMultiDrawArrays:                                           OK
  glMultiDrawElements:                                         OK
  glPointParameterf:                                           OK
  glPointParameterfv:                                          OK
  glPointParameteri:                                           OK
  glPointParameteriv:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3b:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3bv:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3d:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3dv:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3f:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3fv:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3i:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3iv:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3s:                                          OK
  glSecondaryColor3sv:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3ub:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3ubv:                                        OK
  glSecondaryColor3ui:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3uiv:                                        OK
  glSecondaryColor3us:                                         OK
  glSecondaryColor3usv:                                        OK
  glSecondaryColorPointer:                                     OK
  glWindowPos2d:                                               OK
  glWindowPos2dv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos2f:                                               OK
  glWindowPos2fv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos2i:                                               OK
  glWindowPos2iv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos2s:                                               OK
  glWindowPos2sv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos3d:                                               OK
  glWindowPos3dv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos3f:                                               OK
  glWindowPos3fv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos3i:                                               OK
  glWindowPos3iv:                                              OK
  glWindowPos3s:                                               OK
  glWindowPos3sv:                                              OK

GL_VERSION_1_5:                                                OK 
  glBeginQuery:                                                OK
  glBindBuffer:                                                OK
  glBufferData:                                                OK
  glBufferSubData:                                             OK
  glDeleteBuffers:                                             OK
  glDeleteQueries:                                             OK
  glEndQuery:                                                  OK
  glGenBuffers:                                                OK
  glGenQueries:                                                OK
  glGetBufferParameteriv:                                      OK
  glGetBufferPointerv:                                         OK
  glGetBufferSubData:                                          OK
  glGetQueryObjectiv:                                          OK
  glGetQueryObjectuiv:                                         OK
  glGetQueryiv:                                                OK
  glIsBuffer:                                                  OK
  glIsQuery:                                                   OK
  glMapBuffer:                                                 OK
  glUnmapBuffer:                                               OK

GL_VERSION_2_0:                                                OK 
  glAttachShader:                                              OK
  glBindAttribLocation:                                        OK
  glBlendEquationSeparate:                                     OK
  glCompileShader:                                             OK
  glCreateProgram:                                             OK
  glCreateShader:                                              OK
  glDeleteProgram:                                             OK
  glDeleteShader:                                              OK
  glDetachShader:                                              OK
  glDisableVertexAttribArray:                                  OK
  glDrawBuffers:                                               OK
  glEnableVertexAttribArray:                                   OK
  glGetActiveAttrib:                                           OK
  glGetActiveUniform:                                          OK
  glGetAttachedShaders:                                        OK
  glGetAttribLocation:                                         OK
  glGetProgramInfoLog:                                         OK
  glGetProgramiv:                                              OK
  glGetShaderInfoLog:                                          OK
  glGetShaderSource:                                           OK
  glGetShaderiv:                                               OK
  glGetUniformLocation:                                        OK
  glGetUniformfv:                                              OK
  glGetUniformiv:                                              OK
  glGetVertexAttribPointerv:                                   OK
  glGetVertexAttribdv:                                         OK
  glGetVertexAttribfv:                                         OK
  glGetVertexAttribiv:                                         OK
  glIsProgram:                                                 OK
  glIsShader:                                                  OK
  glLinkProgram:                                               OK
  glShaderSource:                                              OK
  glStencilFuncSeparate:                                       OK
  glStencilMaskSeparate:                                       OK
  glStencilOpSeparate:                                         OK
  glUniform1f:                                                 OK
  glUniform1fv:                                                OK
  glUniform1i:                                                 OK
  glUniform1iv:                                                OK
  glUniform2f:                                                 OK
  glUniform2fv:                                                OK
  glUniform2i:                                                 OK
  glUniform2iv:                                                OK
  glUniform3f:                                                 OK
  glUniform3fv:                                                OK
  glUniform3i:                                                 OK
  glUniform3iv:                                                OK
  glUniform4f:                                                 OK
  glUniform4fv:                                                OK
  glUniform4i:                                                 OK
  glUniform4iv:                                                OK
  glUniformMatrix2fv:                                          OK
  glUniformMatrix3fv:                                          OK
  glUniformMatrix4fv:                                          OK
  glUseProgram:                                                OK
  glValidateProgram:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib1d:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib1dv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib1f:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib1fv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib1s:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib1sv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib2d:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib2dv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib2f:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib2fv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib2s:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib2sv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib3d:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib3dv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib3f:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib3fv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib3s:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib3sv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nbv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4Niv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nsv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nub:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nubv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nuiv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttrib4Nusv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttrib4bv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4d:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib4dv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4f:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib4fv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4iv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4s:                                            OK
  glVertexAttrib4sv:                                           OK
  glVertexAttrib4ubv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4uiv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttrib4usv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribPointer:                                       OK

GL_VERSION_2_1:                                                OK 
  glUniformMatrix2x3fv:                                        OK
  glUniformMatrix2x4fv:                                        OK
  glUniformMatrix3x2fv:                                        OK
  glUniformMatrix3x4fv:                                        OK
  glUniformMatrix4x2fv:                                        OK
  glUniformMatrix4x3fv:                                        OK

GL_VERSION_3_0:                                                OK 
  glBeginConditionalRender:                                    OK
  glBeginTransformFeedback:                                    OK
  glBindFragDataLocation:                                      OK
  glClampColor:                                                OK
  glClearBufferfi:                                             OK
  glClearBufferfv:                                             OK
  glClearBufferiv:                                             OK
  glClearBufferuiv:                                            OK
  glColorMaski:                                                OK
  glDisablei:                                                  OK
  glEnablei:                                                   OK
  glEndConditionalRender:                                      OK
  glEndTransformFeedback:                                      OK
  glGetBooleani_v:                                             OK
  glGetFragDataLocation:                                       OK
  glGetStringi:                                                OK
  glGetTexParameterIiv:                                        OK
  glGetTexParameterIuiv:                                       OK
  glGetTransformFeedbackVarying:                               OK
  glGetUniformuiv:                                             OK
  glGetVertexAttribIiv:                                        OK
  glGetVertexAttribIuiv:                                       OK
  glIsEnabledi:                                                OK
  glTexParameterIiv:                                           OK
  glTexParameterIuiv:                                          OK
  glTransformFeedbackVaryings:                                 OK
  glUniform1ui:                                                OK
  glUniform1uiv:                                               OK
  glUniform2ui:                                                OK
  glUniform2uiv:                                               OK
  glUniform3ui:                                                OK
  glUniform3uiv:                                               OK
  glUniform4ui:                                                OK
  glUniform4uiv:                                               OK
  glVertexAttribI1i:                                           OK
  glVertexAttribI1iv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI1ui:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI1uiv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribI2i:                                           OK
  glVertexAttribI2iv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI2ui:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI2uiv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribI3i:                                           OK
  glVertexAttribI3iv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI3ui:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI3uiv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribI4bv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI4i:                                           OK
  glVertexAttribI4iv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI4sv:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI4ubv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribI4ui:                                          OK
  glVertexAttribI4uiv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribI4usv:                                         OK
  glVertexAttribIPointer:                                      OK

GL_VERSION_3_1:                                                OK 
  glDrawArraysInstanced:                                       OK
  glDrawElementsInstanced:                                     OK
  glPrimitiveRestartIndex:                                     OK
  glTexBuffer:                                                 OK

GL_VERSION_3_2:                                                OK 
  glFramebufferTexture:                                        OK
  glGetBufferParameteri64v:                                    OK
  glGetInteger64i_v:                                           OK

GL_VERSION_3_3:                                                OK 
  glVertexAttribDivisor:                                       OK

GL_VERSION_4_0:                                                OK 
  glBlendEquationSeparatei:                                    OK
  glBlendEquationi:                                            OK
  glBlendFuncSeparatei:                                        OK
  glBlendFunci:                                                OK
  glMinSampleShading:                                          OK

GL_VERSION_4_1:                                                OK 

GL_VERSION_4_2:                                                OK 

GL_VERSION_4_3:                                                MISSING 

GL_VERSION_4_4:                                                MISSING 

GL_VERSION_4_5:                                                MISSING 
  glGetGraphicsResetStatus:                                    MISSING
  glGetnCompressedTexImage:                                    MISSING
  glGetnTexImage:                                              MISSING
  glGetnUniformdv:                                             MISSING

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